Engineering & Design

Our knowledge of, and expanded exposure to, all types of industries allows Federated Service Solutions to find the best solutions for your company.

The Federated Service Solutions (FSS) Engineering Team has the expertise to design a variety of IT systems including Wired and Wireless Networks, CCTV, Music and Paging, and High Voltage systems.  Our Engineers stay up to date on industry trends and innovations to meet the demands of customers who need to implement the latest technologies in their facilities.

For customers who need true end-to-end network design our Advanced Services Team provides all services necessary for complete IT system deployment including:

• Wireless Predictive Design and Planning
• Heat Mapping and Site Coverage Verification
• Network Design, Configuration, Staging, and Installation
• 24/7 Technical Support Desk
• Long Term Device Management and Monitoring

When you couple these services with our equipment sourcing, configuration, and installation capabilities FSS is a true turn-key partner for all your technology needs.