With our Elite package, you get all-around protection and monitoring by our team of expert technicians. Our services are designed to give you peace of mind – along with standard security software, our software also provides an asset inventory, and 24/7 monitoring of your workstations, including their memory, hard drive, processor, and other hardware, so that you can plan to upgrade or replace overworked and failing devices before they become an actual problem.


With the Elite Plus package, YourNetWorker takes charge of your IT infrastructure, including monitoring your servers, as well. You get the same system protection and maintenance from YourNetWorker that you get with the Elite package, as well as monitoring of your network for unwanted clients and rogue access points, deployment of all your third-party software to your workstations, and management of a web filter to keep your employees from visiting unwanted sites, as well as a spam and virus filter for your email, to help keep your network safe.


The Platinum package is the best and most all-inclusive package we have to offer, and takes the burden of managing your IT infrastructure almost entirely off your shoulders. You receive the same monitoring and protection service, as well as the server maintenance and monitoring, patch management, network monitoring, backup service, application deployment, web filter, and all the other features mentioned in the Elite and Elite Plus packages.

YourNetWorker is dedicated to assisting you with the creation management of an exceptional network environment that you don't work for, but one instead that works for you.


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